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B Image Slider - Joomla 3.x Responsive


Along with the advent of templates for Joomla 3.3 and in order to provide the most perfect user experience, ThemeLead team would like to introduce the version 3 of B Image Slider – the most successful extension of our BJ team. The version 3 of B Image Slider is one of the leading extensions being responsive with Joomla 3.2 and Joomla 3.3, which support users to see full images in any portable devices. Besides, B Image Slider 3 is the good choice thanks to its great customization ability, supported by CSS3 and HTML 5. Along with two features above, B Image Slider 3 has more interesting effects, bringing your website uniqueness and smoothness.



Responsive and more styles with V3:



  • Flexible layout using parameters
    So you get to customize the slider by changing height, length, number and caption of slides
  • Multi-transaction and animation effects
    Add more animation effect to the slider to make an interesting website browsing experience
  • A smart light box showing content of slide makes users know what content of the next slide is
  • Unlimited images and content presentation based on AJAX to erase your worry about website speed because AJAX helps users only reload the content they need
  • Content presentation customized in styles that you want
    With the integrated content slider, you will never find it hard to get your message presented in the sliders. The content transition effect is customizable too.
  • Flash-free that make it compatible cross devices (like iPad, iPhone)
    No more concern about how your website is viewed on multiple devices, they all become compatible with the ThemeLead Responsive Image Slider
  • Super economical with Free Image Slider version including B Metis template
Joomla BJ Metis template by ByJoomla.com